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Interview with Obed Soto, Java Developer hired to work in the US

17 May 2018 | Category: | No Comments
By Ashok A. 06 00 min ago

This is Obed Soto is a Java Developer for Domino’s Pizza in Ann Arbor, MI.

Learn about his experience working with TaleXa to find an exclusive opportunity in Ann Arbor, MI to work at the Dominos Pizza Headquarters.

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Q. How was your experience with our recruitment process?

Obed: It’s a process that has been unlike any I’ve experienced, but in a positive way. I felt very supported and with confident to reach out at any time to any of the recruiters.

Q. How do you feel about working in the US?

Obed: I think it’s an important change in our lives for me and for my wife and we both consider it as a lifetime experience that we are prepared for. It and will definitely help us grow as individuals and as couple.

Q. Before this, did you consider to work in the US?

Obed: Yes, I had considered the option of working abroad precisely because I believe that having an international experience helps you advance your career, helps opening new doors, and so I looked for opportunities and that’s how I found this option with TaleXa.

Q. What advice would you have for other Mexicans?

Obed: We are citizens of the world and as such we have global experiences that allow us to find our capabilities. My advice is: do not think that this is such a radical change in your career or something wrong; on the contrary, it will enrich and will bring much to your experience and that’s definitely something everyone should pursue in life.

Q. Would you recommend TaleXa?

Obed: Yes, I would recommend TaleXa. They follow up on all your questions and are always willing to listen and answer honestly any concerns you may have. They make you feel safe and provide all necessary information so you can make the right decision.


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