How TaleXa is set up to find Mexican Professionals opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe

Creating bridges, connecting Mexican talent.

Our main business is working on Web, Mobile App, and WordPress projects for clients in the US and abroad. We do this all through our agency: The App Chefs. Our team is primarily based in Mexico, with some team members in Colombia, Brazil, Pakistan, and India.

In Mexico, we’re very active with the technology communities. We co-organize one of the largest WordPress meet-up groups in Mexico with WordPress Guadalajara. Each month we gather and discuss the latest with WordPress and bring different angles to this platform. We also collaborate with other development groups in Guadalajara, including the JS group, .Net group, Java group, and others. Through this, we’ve become well-connected and partnered with technology professionals throughout Guadalajara and Mexico.

We have a unique opportunity to connect the top Mexican talent now with great companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.

The process itself goes like this:

  1. We have specific openings, which we list here: If you feel you’re capable of any of these positions, please feel free to apply. If we don’t have openings, we still love to connect with great Mexican talent to keep you informed if certain relevant ones come up.
  2. After we receive your application, we review it internally and set up a 10-15 minute screen with you.
  3. We will take notes, specifically on your exact skills and which part of the experience to highlight for the job you are looking for. We will let you know if we think you may be even more eligible for other jobs.
  4. We will then set up an initial interview with the US, Canadian or European company we would like you to interview for. This will be similar: 10-20 minutes to review your background and understand your main skills.
  5. If everything goes well with this interview, we will start the direct interviews with the team itself; typically, this will either be a 1-2 hour technical interview or a round-table style interview with their team.
  6. If that goes well, at most, they may have one more interview to have you meet other stakeholders or essential members of the team and usually to give you an official offer.
  7. At this point, we will work with you to properly negotiate and get fair compensation and understand the full terms of employment. We assist with Visa processing and relocation and meet you in person to discuss everything if you are close to Guadalajara.
  8. Within 2 weeks, you will have a Visa and be on your way to work at your new position. Typically we require candidates to be on-site within 3 weeks. We help with any and all aspects of relocation, including helping to get a bank account, apartment, and other small details. Depending on the city you work in, we may also greet you as you land to begin this new position.
  9. After this, you begin to work and start this new journey in your career! Remember, those working in the US and Canada can bring dependents on the TN Visa, including spouses and kids. Please see this to learn more about the TN Visa: We will be writing our own detailed article about the TN visa soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and if you think you would qualify for one of our opportunities, don’t hesitate to apply!