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We help Startups and established companies by providing them with some of the most highly skilled technology professionals from Mexico.

The world is much smaller now that mobile phones and high-speed internet connections are ubiquitous.

Because of this, we are finding, recruiting, training, and placing some amazingly talented people at some of the top technology companies in the world.

From project work to securing long-term visas, we can help you build a team quickly and economically.

Hire the best Mexican talent​

At Talexa, we specialize in connecting talented professionals with exciting job opportunities.

Our team is based in Guadalajara, a city in western Mexico that has a reputation as the center of the country’s technology industry and is often referred to as the “silicon valley of Mexico.” The city has a large number of technology companies, startups, and research and development centers, and is home to a number of important technology and innovation events.

What’s so special about hiring in Mexico? Well, it turns out a lot of things 

What’s so special about hiring in Mexico?

Skilled talent

Over the past 20 years, the Mexican federal government has invested in new tech schools, expanded software engineering programs within existing universities, built a city-wide infrastructure, and, through promotion and scholarships, encouraged young people from around Mexico to come and study in Guadalajara.

Their efforts have been successful – students from all over the country and world have flocked to Guadalajara’s 230 universities, which turn out, on average, 18,000 new IT graduates per year.

Time Zone

If you’ve ever worked with a dev team in Asia or Europe, you know the hassles of a 12-hour shift in the timezone. Your staff is just getting in the office, and the outsourcing team has just checked out for the night. Just as they come back online, your staff is already asleep.

Today’s iterative and short-interval engineering methodologies require communication and lots of it. Guadalajara is on central US time.
US-based engineers, product managers, and users can communicate with the development team any time, all day, every day.


Every so often, an in-person meeting between all the stakeholders is a must. With over a dozen direct flights between San Francisco and Guadalajara every day, you can leave in the morning and be in Guadalajara in 3 1/2 hours.

Join us for a tasty lunch, spend the afternoon meeting with the development team, and then hit the airport for the evening flight. You’re back in your office the following day. Or better yet, stay overnight and enjoy one of Mexico's most picturesque colonial towns.

Cultural and language affinity

Virtually all Mexican software engineers are fluent in English, and most college coursework is taught in English.

What’s more, Mexicans share a cultural background with the US – they grew up with the same movies, television, and music.
Communication patterns are likewise the same on both sides of the border – “yes” means “yes,” “no” means “no,” and “tomorrow” means “tomorrow.”

What we do

Remote Staffing

Are you interested in growing your US team at an affordable rate? Partner with us, and we will help find you the best talent, set them up with your own company-branded office, and manage your remote teams’ HR. They will fully report to you, and you won’t have the headache of dealing with foreign tax offices.

Immigration Assistance

Need talent in your office? In 1 – 3 weeks, we will source top-tier resources and help you get them working in an office. We will ensure your team member is fit and ready to go, and they will be entirely yours when stateside.

Consulting Projects

Work with our internal project team to architect, design, and develop your website, app, or custom software. After we ship your project, you can keep the team on retainer, hire them, or do a clean handoff.

Fractional CTO

Sometimes, you need an expert to consult your tech team on the best way to accomplish your project. You can utilize our experts on a fractional basis to help you create the framework for your project or have a seasoned veteran manage your development team.

Find your next great tech hire

With a a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates from all over Mexico, Talexa can assist you in building diverse and highly skilled technical teams. We also help to close the gender gap in technology through women-focused initiatives.